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If you’re a major fan of gastronomy and love to make masterpieces in the comfort of your own home, then chances are you’ll be up to date on the latest innovations in induction cooking.

The marvellous ABK Innovent appliances give you a feel for something really special, because they’re the company behind the very latest technology to hit the induction systems market in recent years.

The unique concept of i-Cooking means that instead of having to find extra space to fit your new cooker into your kitchen, separate induction fields can be freely placed in any worktop material, including stone, plastic and concrete.

If you’re looking to buy ABK innovent appliances online, we have a huge range of beautiful designs to choose from, depending on the style and configuration you need. The easy to mount induction elements are suitable for the flat recessed build-in method as well as on top of the worktop and each one is linked separately to your power supply, coming with its own separate touch control.

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Brilliant induction and gas hob options

The design and build of all the ABK InnoVent products mean you can easily create your own layout of the hob and there are some brilliant induction and gas hob options to choose from. All of them have an attractive and minimalist look which make them a stunning addition to your kitchen, incredibly straight forward to use and they come with little fuss involved.

It might be fair to say that cooking has changed for the better with the advent of i-Cooking, as, not only can users now create their own cooktop, but it means extra prep space, it’s easy-to-clean and can be seamlessly integrated into the worktop.

i-Cooking won some internationally renowned awards recently, including the Best-of-Best Interior Innovation Award 2011 at the LivingKitchen/IMM fair in Cologne, which cemented its place as among the best there is when it comes to induction cooking.

Beautiful extraction units

Founded almost 20 years ago, ABK InnoVent started life providing stainless steel kitchen extractors – hence the name InnoVent, which stands for “Innovative Ventilation”. Very soon, other stainless steel products were developed and the company went from strength to strength, continuing to be a leading light in innovation in its field.

Before the concept of i-Cooking and the idea of 4mm solid stainless steel worktops, for example, ABK InnoVent created the first industrially produced square sink in 2002, which set a completely new trend for minimalistic designed sinks.

Getting back to its original roots ABK InnoVent still specialises in custom made kitchen extractors. The company offers a vast range of designs, dimensions, motors and accessories like tie rods and chimneys as well as making use of the best when it comes to quality components and low noise motors.

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