Cookers of Distinction offers premium brand ILVE


Here, at Cookers of Distinction, we know that people who love gastronomy love ILVE range cookers. That’s why we thought we’d tell you a bit more about how cookers of distinction offers premium brand ILVE. Their range cookers can be found online on our website.

Their truly iconic range cookers are at the heart of kitchens and homes throughout the country with a look and feel that you can’t mistake for anything else. ILVE combines Italian craftsmanship with innovative design to produce range cookers that surpass expectations.

ILVE were originally founded in Campodarsego near Venice, by two Italian friends, Mr Illotti and Mr Berno. They used their manufacturing skills to develop commercial standard cookers for local restaurants as a way to show off their passion for fine dining.

Our Top Picks

MILANO 100CM Twin Dual Fuel Range Cooker


The Milano 100cm twin dual fuel range cooker gives you all the quality you have come to expect from the ILVE brand as well as delivering on functionality. We offer it in a wide range of colours to suit any décor and have lots of hotplate configs to choose from. To give you a bit more detail in terms of functionality, it includes a multifunction oven and a programmable timer. What’s more it also has a smaller conventional oven which has a grill. Every cavity has catalytic liners extending down every side of the oven. Finally it also has a full width drawer for storage at the base of the oven.
It comes as part of the bespoke collection.

MILANO 100CM XG Induction Range Cooker


The same goes for the Milano 100cm induction range cooker XG mode which again offers all the quality and functionality you would expect from an ILVE range cooker. It’s offered in a wide range of colours and comes with a six zone induction hotplate. This particular model includes a multifunction oven with a programmable timer, a conventional oven, separate grill cavity and storage drawer.
It also comes as part of the bespoke collection.

Don’t see what you’re after? Well we have loads of other ILVE models on our website so make sure you check it out. The ILVE brand is a hallmark of quality and we are sure we have the right range cooker for you.

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If ILVE is not what you are after then head to our website as we have a wide range of premium brands such as Falmec, ABK, Viking, Godin, Officine Gullo, Barazza and Faber. Don’t forget we offer a free delivery and installation service too!

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