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Godin is a name which has been synonymous with innovation and style since Jean Baptiste Andre Godin first had the idea for his range of kitchen appliances back in 1840.

The original thought behind the Godin cooker was to replace the traditional sheet fireplace with an enamelled cast iron one and the concept was so popular that the term Godin became associated with heating and quality in France, where the cookers are still made to this day.

The Godin cast iron foundry is located just North West of Paris and continues to make high quality kitchen appliances for people who have a love of cooking and gastronomy all over the world.

If you’re looking to buy Godin appliances online, the beautiful and sophisticated range comes in a choice of 12 colours and features a series of traditional, antique and vintage style stoves, cookers and ranges which already compliment many a stylish and affluent home across the UK.


Stunning range cookers

Take a browse through the Godin appliances that we have online and you will see that this selection of stunning range cookers comes in a series of beautiful styles and colours, which should compliment both the style and theme of your kitchen perfectly.

A couple of the examples below demonstrate how it’s no exaggeration when you hear that a Godin cooker could transform the look and feel of your home.

CHATELAINELe Chatelaine – these Godin cookers offer a charming, old fashioned style which makes them a perfect host for cooking gastronomical family favourites such as a hearty roast dinner, while the family warm up by the range in the heart of your home. It encourages a certain type of lifestyle with the delightful scents, beautiful memories and delicious projects that it creates.

We currently have six range cookers in the Le Chatelaine range to choose from, each one coming in a choice of 12 colours and featuring several burner gas hobs and two electric main ovens.

LEXCUISE 1150L’Excuise – Where cooking becomes a true pleasure. This particular model mixes bang up to date technology with an elegant, traditional style. It’s an absolutely charming model, yet a technical marvel which includes a gas hob with five burners, optional solid simmer plate and multi functioning electric oven.

SOUVERAINE1100Souveraine 1100 – Designed for lovers of gastronomy and cooking alike, this wonderful creation is more than capable of a professional standard of performance, with the added sophistication that comes with its exquisite style. It features a gas hob with five burners as well as a gas or electric main oven.

Order online with free installation

Once you’ve taken a look through this marvellous range of Godin cookers, fallen in love with their sophisticated style and decided which one will look ideal in your home, chances are you will want to get cracking with using it straight away.

Not only do we give you the opportunity to order your Godin cookers online with us, but we also offer free installation to get your brand new Godin cooker up and running as soon as possible.


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